Cool Story, Bro

August 9, 2020
Jonah's story ends with quite the cliffhanger in the form of a question. Jesus continued this line of questioning with a story of two brothers. Here is Pastor Kevin's message,…

Pity Party

August 2, 2020
Like Jonah we often find ourselves having selfish desires that do not line up with God's mercy and forgiveness. We must see God's grace toward us and realize His grace…

When Grace Hits

July 26, 2020
Jonah didn't like the way God was writing the story. If we are honest, we often find ourselves in the same place. But grace makes God's story so glorious! Here…

The Choicest Choice

July 19, 2020
Our decisions have consequences. The interchange of Nineveh, Jonah, and God becomes personal to us when we see how decisions are made and what happens as a result. Here is…

From Deep Down

July 12, 2020
Jesus said the sign of the prophet Jonah would be given to those listening to Him. What does that sign tell us? It is proof for us too – salvation…

Grace to Give

July 5, 2020
Don't be a dragon. We can totally miss the point of what we've been given in grace. But God, in grace, wants us to see it! Here is Pastor Kevin's…

Name It or Blame It

June 28, 2020
Like on the storm-tossed ship Jonah was aboard, we often want to know why something is happening and who to blame. It's in this that we see our real sense…

So Sleepy

June 21, 2020
Jonah ran away from God in sin and found himself waking up in a storm. What was the point of the storm? Here is Pastor Kevin's message, SO SLEEPY:

Wrong Way

June 14, 2020
In our brokenness and failure, we tend to run the wrong way, running away from God. Grace teaches us to run to God instead! Here is Pastor Kevin's message, WRONG…

Fear Fuel

June 7, 2020
What does a racist and rebellious prophet intimately acquainted with the digestive tract of a giant fish teach us? Fear fuels hate, and we have no reason to fear. Here…